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I love taking princess to the park for play time. I know she has a lot of fun there, especially when Daddy gives her bouncies.

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Just because I’m already wet doesn’t mean I wouldn’t appreciate some foreplay

No touching.

Love this movie

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"Burn me, Lil Miss!" she challenged. As if I can’t. As if I can’t send waves of heat to fill her chest and spread up her neck. As if I can’t make her clench and writhe with just my words.

You want to be burned, little girl? You want me to tease you? You want my words directed at just you - to feel the heat of my passion? Can you handle it?

My desire to taste a woman - to taste you - is bone-deep. My tongue feels incomplete now - as if it will never sit properly in my mouth again until it has been coated in your wetness.

I need it. Need you. Need to drag my tongue through your lips, gathering your sweetness. Need to moan against your pussy. Need to scrape my nails along your thighs. Need to hear you answer my needful whimpers with your own.

Can you do that for me? Yield your body to me. Let me take what I need and trust that I’ll give you what you need, in return. I only want to give you pleasure. Anything you ask — I’ll do it. And more.

All I ask is that you cum for me. Like this. Held in my embrace, my fingers in your pussy, my words in your ear, my hot breath dancing along your flesh, and your breasts being tweaked, pinched, plucked, and pleasured with my other hand.

Can you feel me? I can feel you. Feel you lean against me. That deep press that tells me you’ve finally let your need take over. You’ve given yourself to me.

"Yessssssss," I hiss in your ear. "Yes, pet. I feel you. I know what you need. I have you. I’ll give you anything you want. Anything. Do you want to cum? Do you need to feel that release? I want you to have it. Want to feel you clench down hard on my fingers and drench me with your pleasure.

I want to hear you. Hear you moan, hear you sing, hear you scream. <growls> Oh, yes. Please. Please scream for me. Let it out.

Oh. Oh, there? Is that the spot, lovely? Is it? Take it then, Grind on my hand. Just - just one thing.One thing for me, yes? I want you to ask. Ask me and it’s yours.”

*panting heavily* “Yes, yes, yes.  Please make me cum.  Please?”  ~A

"<groans> Oh, how perfect are you? How indescribably perfect. Yes, cum for me. That’s it. <sucks on your neck>  That arch. Your lines. Your skin. Yes, yes, hear me, feel me, cum for me. Do you hear me? I want you to. I want you to cum for me. Right here. Right now. Cum for me, lovely. Cum for me, NOW!"

Actually shivered after reading that

Fuck… That’s possibly the hottest thing I’ve ever read!

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